Friday, July 27, 2007

Our Morning Walks to Starbucks

Thanks to generous friends and family, my birthday brought me a few Starbucks cards. As a part of our morning routine, Isaiah and I have been walking down to get mommy her "fix" before Isaiah heads to his morning nap. We use our jogging stroller (which we love!) and make sure Isaiah is ready with his bear and binky in tow. He is usually also still decked out in his PJs and slippers. He looks so adorable and charms everyone we see (at least the people with any heart at all.)

We have seen some very interesting things on our strolls the past few days. One morning we saw a car with a very creative repair job. A man had successfully rigged a bungee cord from the bottom of his front bumper over the top of his car hood. The bumper (which had obviously received a bit of trauma) was being help in place by a bungee cord. That's one way to save some money! We've also been able to watch things like the city water trucks watering the trees on the side of the road. That is something I don't think I have ever seen before. A pretty cool little contraption, that water truck. Having a child makes you look at the world through new eyes. I am so excited to continue watching the world with Isaiah.

Once at Starbucks, I place an order with entirely too many words in it. I looked at my cup this morning and realized that slowly but surely, I have been filling up the detail boxes on the side of the Starbucks cup. I now have writing in all but one box. Translation: I am officially high maintenance in the drink department. Some people seem to give their many worded orders proudly, but I am still not too comfortable with the amount of time and ink it takes to properly place my order. I find myself feeling embarrassed and almost apologetic. I think I just need to get over that. After all, if you are going to spend as much on a coffee drink as you would on a meal at a fast food joint, you should at least have it taste the way you want, right? So as a confession, and in an attempt to be confident in my order, here it is - Today I ordered an iced, venti, half caf, 4 pump, soy, no whip white mocha. There, I said it... Okay, I still feel embarrassed. Perhaps it will just take time. That or I will eventually go through a process of simplifying my order.

At any rate, hope you enjoyed the pictures of my walking buddy this morning. Isn't he just the cutest thing? I love Fridays. They are my day off and we get to enjoy life at a slightly slower pace :)


Granny & PaPa said...

Looks like Isaiah is still alittle "sleepy". What an ADORABLE little boy you have there. PaPa says to order coffee like he does and you will not have to use so many words.......he says if he can not spell it.....he does not order it! Granny says she wishes she were there to go on the morning Starbucks run with two of her favorite people. Thanks for the pics....we love you so!!

THE GTEAM said...

SOOOOO cute!
And that's ALMOST exactly my hubby's order, except instead of half caf it's triple shot...hmm...
Don't be apologetic, it's all in a day's work for them, they don't care.
And now I think I'll attempt some morning Starbucks strolls myself---but can I be the one wearing PJ's?